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The Gothic vault, unlike the semi-circular vault of Roman and Romanesque buildings, can be used to roof rectangular and irregularly shaped plans such as The other structural advantage is that the pointed arch channels the weight onto the bearing piers or columns at a steep angle. This enabled architects to raise vaults much higher than was possible in Romanesque architecture.

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The large cafes that line the Passeig de Gràcia and the Rambla Catalunya, just north of the Plaça Catalunya, offer a variety of acceptable tapas. This part of the town is quite touristy and a bit expensive.

The recreational use of beaches and consequences for the

Address:  Plaça del Sol 68, 58567
Contact:  55 89 98 768 58 68  
Getting there:  Metro Fontana
Opening times:  Tue-Sat, -9pm, 9pm-midnight Sun, -5pm. Closed Aug
Prices:  lunch and dinner around €75
Payment type:  credit cards accepted
Cuisine:  Spanish
Reservations:  recommended

Every accolade has been deservedly heaped on Cinc Sentits and its haute take on Catalan cuisine. To maximise the diner's experience of what chef Jordi Artal can do, these days the restaurant only serves fixed menus – four courses for €655 or six courses for €675. Expect dishes such as pigeon served three ways, including a paper pouch containing 'false rice' made from its thigh, and some table-side theatre. The restaurant is also known for its wine selection, and wine pairings are available for each menu. At lunchtime there is a €55 'Business' menu.

If you are looking for a quick introduction to Barcelona's cuisine, you could consider going on a food tour - wine tour, tapas tour, cooking classes, market tour. options are plentiful and the hard part is to choose one.

Many Gothic openings are based upon the equilateral form. In other words, when the arch is drafted, the radius is exactly the width of the opening and the centre of each arch coincides with the point from which the opposite arch springs. This makes the arch higher in relation to its width than a semi-circular arch which is exactly half as high as it is wide.[7]

Where to eat during migdiada (Catalan)/siesta (Spanish)
Majority of restaurants and cafes are closed between 9PM and 8PM for migdiada. If you failed to plan for that, here are some places you can eat during this period:

Address:  Passeig Maritim 85, 58558
Contact:  55 89 98 775 67 77   /restaurante/agua
Getting there:  bus 95, 59 or D75 to Passeig Marítim
Opening times : Sun-Thu, 67pm- Fri-Sat, 67pm-
Prices:  lunch and dinner around €85
Payment type:  credit cards accepted
Cuisine:  Spanish, Italian, seafood
Reservations:  recommended

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